Stojance Andonov Dito


Stojance Andonov – Dito, Macedonian academic painter, is born in Kratovo 08.05.1980. He finished his primary and high school in the ancient town of Kratovo, but he finished the academy at the faculty for painting art at the university St. Kiril and Methody – Skopje Republic of Macedonia, in the class of the well-known and famous professor Rubens Korubin.

Just after his grate, he made his first independent exposition in the culture club Lazar Sofijanov – Kratovo. In the year 2010 and in the bigining of the year 2011, he has set three independent international exhibition in Slovenia. He has participated in several national and international art colonies. For the exposed works, well-known Macedonian critics and cultural workers said:

Prof. Todor Maksimovski – Maksim - professor in ordinary for painting art at the Pedagogic Faculty- Stip, university St. Kiril and Methody – Skopje:

For whole my live and professorial career, I had never noticed so talented artist.

Prof. Rubens Korubin - professor in ordinary at the faculty for painting art – university St. Kiril and Methody- Skopje:

Stojance Andonov – Dito belong to our youngest generation of young artists, his own, patient with the work that he wants to make and honest with the things that he say. His paintings made were with strong realism that comes from the nowadays dynamic of life. His illusionism it is special inscription on the objects were part of our everyday occurrence shaped with generations and remarkable for their own basic use. As a contrast on the scene are input delicate designed accessories.

Famous Slovenian artist France Slana about creativity of Stojance Andonov has written: ”Freshness, dedication and knowledge, today is a rare appearance. Congratulations”.

Dr. Dusko Aleksovski, President of the world Academy for stone(rocky) art:

The artistic work of the young academic painter Stojance Andonov-Dito in his native town Kratovo evokes ennoblement in the spirit of the people, talks about the versatile artistic talent at the young artist. Although the main inspiration he sees in the still life which he make on his special way to immortalize it, however it feels his second faze of development, referring to entering the universal high ideological principles to the next level of his work. I feel that we are not going to wait long the day, when this young and talented artist is going to rich the glory of the world famous paint creators like: Velasquez, Sharden, and Caravaggio.

Extract of the book from Dr. Dusko Aleksovski: “Monograph of early Christian Basilica- rotunda, village Konjuh Kratovo” (Kumanovo 2007)

Like a crown of the genial builders mastership in Macedonia is a building which builds an academic painter Stojance Andonov in Kratovo. The building builds against all rules of architecture with genius work of stone plastic, unique in the world which can may be subject for magisterial or doctor works in the area of history of art or architecture. While the world experts in the area of history and architecture are trilled from his grandiose artistically work, the paint artists society of Macedonia reject his demand for membership in it, probably because of their envy and jealousy.

But someday they will figure out, like the French academy of sciences and art made that long time ago rejecting entrance in Academy that demands Mollie:” Nothing was wrong with his glory, something felt out with our glory.” The single source of his builders’ skill is the rich accumulated inheritance of this kind in the subconscious of this extraordinary Macedonian academic painter and sculptor, from who Macedonia should expect much more. The diplomaed architect Vasil Boglev, who now lives and works in Australia, about the artistic work of the young painter Stojance Andonov, said:” He has a unique hand. Unfortunately he shared the same destiny of all Macedonian genius youth, for who the society it is not preoccupied, and his colleges are painfully jealous. His artistic, painting and sculptural works are in status of the world famous artists of this kind.” After he took a deep breath, Boglev said:” I’m trilled from his work. He is the Macedonian Gaudy.”