Stojance Andonov Dito

The first independent exposition of Stojance Andonov – Dito

Прва самостојна изложба на Стојанче Андонов - Дито

Stojance Andonov-Dito in the cultural club Lazar Sofijanov in Kratovo made his first independent exposition, which also was his diploma work. Thanks to his first professor for painting Toso Maksimovski, who has discovered his talent and long time worked on him, Andonov continues successfully to build his artistic stile and direction.

This already built artist finished the painting art academy in Skopje, in the class of the professor Rubens Korubin, who will say for him: ”Andonov belong to our youngest generation of young artists, his own, patient with the work that he wants to make and honest with the things that he say. His paintings made were with strong realism that comes from the nowadays dynamic of life.

His illusionism is special inscription on the objects were part of our everyday occurrence shaped with generations and remarkable for their own basic use. As contrast on the scene are input delicate designed shapes that we turn to garbage. Skilfully painted, they clearly show his point and share with the audience”. It is expecting this exposition shell be present in several towns across Macedonia.

14 January 2005 AKTUEL

Kratovo was delighted to the artist

Кратово му се израдува на уметникот

Young, just graduated academic painter, Stojance Andonov – Dito recently in his native town Kratovo, made his first independent exposition. As the people from Kratovo say ”in small place”, long time ago did not have so big interest for exposition. Only, in Kratovo did happen something unusual for us: the artist noticed was from his own people.

It felt, as it says, ennoblement in the people’s spirit as a result produced on the society. The modest and very talented painter, last year take the diploma in the class of the professor Rubens Korubin. In the works of this art teacher, employed like teacher for painting in the primary school ”Koco Racin”- Kratovo, his colleagues are convinced that it came to expression his perfect skill and talent, ”which will soon grow up to alpha and omega for Macedonian modern art of painting”.

The main inspiration Dito finds in painting dead nature, until now exposed pictures, 15 made were in oil on canvas technique, and five are graphics. ”I hope that after the exposition in Kratovo, my works can be seen in Skopje and in the other towns”, says Andonov with what he announce his new independent exposition in November.