Stojance Andonov Dito

The artist is hostage of his time

Уметникот е заложник на своето време

With impatience I expect to see the picture, how Alexander the Grate stands in front of the Macedonian borders with tears in his eyes and raised sword, like he wants to say: ”Macedonians do not be desperate, now I am in front of you again to lead you in happier and better destiny” says Stojance Andonov-Dito.

The talk was lead from:
Mileva Lazova

Mister Andonov, recently in your town you realised your first independent exposition. How many works did you present, in which technique were they made and how long were you preparing for it?

ANDONOV: I am happy and delighted that my first independent I realized in my native town, which was chose to make talents and capable people for all profiles. In my exposition, I had present 20 works, 15 made in oil on canvas technique and the other five are graphics. On these pictures, I worked about 3 years.

You are an artist. What is the meaning for you someone to be an artist and how do you understand the art?

ANDONOV: Someone to be an artist it means to have a soul, first to be a human. The artist must feel and to have a compassion, because as it said too and the great sculptor Rodent ”the human is great only with his feelings”. Someone to be an artist must to be human in the true meaning of this word. He needs to feel the pulse of his time like continuity of the past, which is deep inside suppressed in our subconscienceness and it rules with our conscience, it trays to inform us about something or to warn us, like the great psychoanalysts Frojd and Yung made their conclusions. The artist is like a hostage of his time and of the events that happened. He is the registrar of the events, in him breaks past and present and it is establishing the future. Always is in condition of tension and cramp, as it wants to say our literature critic academic Dimitar Mitrev, for the artist cry the mountain too.

When did you start to paint and discover somebody else your talent?

ANDONOV: Like an amateur I started to paint in my childhood, exactly I made my fist drawing when I was 3 years old. The discovery of my talent related is with the name of the academic painter Toso Maksimovski-Maksim, professor in ordinary for painting art at the pedagogical faculty in Stip. Whit this opportunity I want to express my gratitude to the professor Maksim, who not just discover my talent also he had successfully developed in me, giving me courage to approach with bigger intensity on the artistic creation and with special interest and attention. I think that these kind of noble souls sometimes have influence to the development on some talented person. Artists also the sportiest always are grateful to the experts, who discover and develop their talent. Otherwise, the talented one will stay like taken but not develop into a film track.

Your main inspiration you see in the dead nature. Why?

ANDONOV: Exactly. Trough dead nature I improve my painting skill like first step on my successful expedition on this field of artistic activity. I will not stay just on this type of creation. It is just preparation for the next more complicated phases, where should come the right artistic expression. However, I must precisely say that also creating dead nature I try to put in some idea, to save some of our tradition so forgotten cannot be. On the canvas are present ethnological elements, which already forgotten are. Not unexpectedly on them can be noticed garlic, onion and somewhere on the end some modern flora, like symbol of that what is natural and at times were source for health and energy and now is changed with unnatural ingredients. In the painting art, it should make a difference between art and skill. Trough the dead nature it is improving the skill, which will help after that improving to be present in full shape what the most valuable is: the artistic idea. I create on the plan of the dead nature and every day I am marking many ideas, which should be trough the next painting canvas gut fixed. Impatiently I expect to see painting how Alexander the Great stand in front of the Macedonian borders with the tears in his eyes and raised sword, like he wants to say: ”Macedonians do not be desperate, now I am in front of you again to lead you in happier and better destiny”.

In which technique do you work and in which do you find yourself mostly?

ANDONOV: I work in several techniques: aquarelle, oil on canvas, acrylic, pastel, but mostly I find my self in the technique oil on canvas. From time to time, I work sculpture too.

Do nowadays happenings have influence on you and your creation?

ANDONOV: Normally it has some influence, like on every artist, that it is a mark on the creation from long time ago left from the modern happenings in the society. Sometimes the artist can be just register on the events that happen or to take active participation in them, which it happens every day in the society. They dictate which idea I will develop on the painting canvas. Not accidentally, I mentioned the idea for Alexander the Great. That means constantly changing of the Macedonian borders it overloads my artistic horizon.

How can today someone lives out from art?

ANDONOV: Honestly, I think that it can live out from art. However, to live out from it the artist should be completely dedicated on it. He should hit the right taste of his time. He should just create artistically as well as for the market. I was nice surprised of the fact that the people show interest for many of my pictures to buy off it on the first day of my exposition.

You and your father are building a studio. Do you make it just like in your imagination and how do you imagine the studio?

ANDONOV: We are building the studio near Kratovo. It should be a kind of studio – sculpture. The whole studio will represent an architecture-artistic work. When it will be finished, it can be create perfect condition for artistically creation and condition someday to become a local art museum. The work is moving slowly because every single stone that put will be into it, it should be specifically overworked, and some of the stones get some shapes like sculptures.

Can the people see you exposition in other towns, maybe in other countries too?

ANDONOV: It is providing that this exposition shown will be in the near towns to Kratovo, as well as in Skopje. It shows possibilities exposed to be in Canada, America, Australia, and west Europe.